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Victoria Secret Tanning Lotion

Safeguarding your skin is our top priority, so we design our tanning lotions and tanning services to ensure you have the perfect tan every time. Our tanning lotions are made with only the finest ingredients and are safe for your skin to use.

Victoria Secret Pink Bronzer

Victoria Secret Pink Bronzer

By Victoria's Secret


Victoria Secret Pink Tanning Lotion

If you're looking for a secret tanning lotion, you've come to the right place. Victoria's secret has the perfect tanning lotion for you! this tanning lotion is incredibly affordable, so you can enjoy your tan while you work up a sweat! It's also water-resistant, so you can go days or weeks withoutipshing any help. if you're looking for a tan that will be the best you can ever be, try victoria's secret's secret pink tanning lotion! It'll make you look and feel your best!

Victoria's Secret Self Tanning Lotion

This victorias secret self-tanning lotion is a workhorse of the make-and-play world. It's fast, it's bubbly and it comes in a little bowl that is perfect for all your tanning needs. It means you're getting your tans when you're ready, without going over the top. And it lasts long, too. The familiar victorias secret scent takes a little getting used to, but it's worth it. The tan depth is ideal for whatever skin type you have. And it's affordable, so you can keep your skin looking its best. the victorias secret tan lotion is a self-tanning lotion that comes in 5 fl oz. It is a powerful tanning solution that uses a technology that monitors your skin’s temperature and provides the best self-tanning solution for you. The lotion does not use harsh chemicals, and is formulated to work with your skin’s natural nutrients. The 5 fl oz. Sizes of victorias secret tan lotion will help you tingle all over during your body perfecting journey. new victorias secret self-tanning tinted lotion is a perfect choice for those who want the best tan with the best quality. It comes in 1 oz. Format and is a rich tan product that will leave your skin looking glowy and happy. this luxurious body perfect tan lotion contains 5% crunchy sandalwood essential oil and jasmine essential oil for a relaxing, stress-free after-shower experience. It's ideal for tanagers and women who want to looking perfectly tanned.