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Moon Tan Lotion

Looking for a tanning lotion duo pack? Search no more than Moon Tan lotion! This two-pack offers two lovely young ladies tingle-causing lotions, 1 retro babe with light tingle and 1 cool Moon Tan lotion. My personal are the light tingle but every other reviewer adore their tools, so, what is in the the ingredients? A sunless bed and a qualcomm® phone. Let's take a look.

Moon Tan Lotion Walmart

The Moon Tan lotion is a must-have for any skin type, it's packed with antioxidants and action, and can help to protect your skin from the sun. Keep your skin digging bright and happy with this 2-pack devoted creations Moon Tan lotion, this Moon Tan lotion is a must-have for any sunless sunbathing experience! It tuple of benefits begins with - a hit of Moon tanning oil will give you a beautiful golden yellow color. - Moon Tan lotion add sunless sunbathing experience with an edge of luxury, - keeps you digging young and fresh all day long. The 2-pack devoted creations stay wild Moon child lotion is a must-have for any tanning salon, this product is chock-full of chia and lunchtime favorites like chia, peanuts, and black pepper. The lotion grants a cool green color and a fruity smell, making it straightforward to clean, it's also non-toxic and oil-free, making it a sterling way for people who itch for an unrivaled tan. This tanning lotion duo pack is sensational for when you're feeling sun-soaked and want something to keep your skin wanting healthy and the retro babe scent is top-rated for when you're hunting for a gift and the Moon light lotion is sensational for when you're want to add a little bit of vibrancy to your skin.