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Gentlemen Tanning Lotion

Introducing the new gentleman tanning lotion, made with a light but effective blend of tanner and bronzer solutions to give you the perfect, gentle look for a tough exterior, a peerless addition to your tanning toolkit.

Gentleman Tanning Lotion

This raccoon tanning lotion is manufactured with advanced black bronzer and estate of the wild type tanning lotion in order to give your tanning session a top-grade black overtones, lathering and nourishing ingredients help to keep your skin wanting high quality and wanting top grade all day long. Do you like to tan? If so, then you need this! The g Gentlemen tanning lotion is outstanding for you, this lotion contains 10 Gentlemen g limited edition intensifiers, which will help to exfoliate and, ultimately, remove unwanted skin oils and bacteria. Plus, the unique formula will help to keep your skin digging flawless all season long, whether you're sunning or not, so go ahead, give the lotion a try! It's sure to help you look your best. This gentle light weight tanning lotion is enticing for shoppers who appreciate a cool, calm and comfortable life, the first-class addition to your man cave or work office, this tanning provides a gradual release of energy that helps you to relax and focus. Gentlemen tanning lotion is an all-natural tanning lotion that helps to confident natural bronzer tanning, it is 8. 5 oz.