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Caribbean Cool Tanning Lotion

This Cool tanning lotion is a must-have to get a first-class feeling of Cool weather, our tanning lotion is unequaled for individuals who crave to get that top-notch tan, without harsh chemicals. This lotion is manufactured with natural bronzer and indoor tanning lotion it provides you with an outstanding amount of sun exposure to create that cool-seasoned tan.

Caribbean Cool Tanning Lotion Review

This lotion is a must-have for a person wanting to it's incredibly Cool and refreshing to use, and will give you a beautiful tan in record time, don't miss out on this must-have tanning lotion! Caribbean tanning lotion is a two-pack of ed hardy's dark bronzer tanning lotion. It contains 11 oz, of product, which makes it a rich, brown tan lotion. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and tangle-free, and it makes tanning easier, this lotion is good for all types of skin, including face, body, and hair. This Cool tanning lotion is an unequaled addition to your arsenal! This product is an 11 oz, tangerine colored lotion that browns and tan's out the best you can for a tanning lotion. The lotion offers a slightly sour smell and a slightly sweet taste, it's peerless for enthusiasts who crave an enticing tan! The lotion is manufactured with tangerine, lime, lemon, and pepper extract which gives the lotion a nice, Caribbean Cool tanning lotion is a top-grade solution for folks who covet to avoid the sun and stay wanting good this tanning lotion is manufactured with a technology which ensures that you will stay Cool and comfortable even when the temperature gets too high.