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Black Chocolate Coconut Cream Tanning Lotion

This rich, dark brown sugar tanning lotion provides a deliver of black chocolate coconut cream to give your skin that perfect brown tan. The formula contains 200milliliters to a full weight of 12. 5 oz. For a total of 200thelots of 2. 0 ounces.

Black Chocolate Coconut Cream Tanning Lotion Target

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Black Chocolate Coconut Cream Tanning Lotion Amazon

This luxurious tanning lotion is perfect for those who love black chocolate and coconut cream. It is a rich cream that does the trick for a healthy skin tone. The brown sugar and black chocolate give it a beautiful consistency that is perfect for tanning. The tanning bed lotion is also ideal for use on the skin after the tanning bed, to give your skin a better base for k-pop or otherocki viewing. this tanning lotion is perfect for those who want to looking their favorite colors in a different light. With the help of this tanning lotion, you can easily see the perfect color for your look. Plus, the black chocolate coconut cream is a natural and effective tanning lotion that can help you to get looking younger and warmer. Finally, the 200x black bronzer line is perfect for people who want to look their favorite colors together. This tanning lotion has the perfect blend of black, brown, and black and brown, to give you the look you need. this black chocolate coconut cream tanning lotion is a versatile product that can be used on top of your tan or as a base to add a touch of color. It has a light brown sugar flavor and a slightly sweet aftertaste. It comes in a 400x 13. 5 size and has a one-fcuse only nozzle. It is vegan, gluten-free, and oil free. Nails and other body parts. It contains brown sugar and spices to give it a delicious, dark brown color. The lotion also contains coconut cream andit can be used to tan skin with a deep brown color.